On Sticking to One Story and Finishing It- Part Two

Evan W.S. Morgan

On Tuesday, Devin Berglund, a fellow author of mine, talked about how to stick to and finish a story. Now, in Part Two, I share my own thoughts:

During the years, I have started many novels, but had a hard time getting even close to finishing one. New ideas would always come up, or I would lose interest. It wasn’t until I started on Heavenly Lights that I realized why that was. Here are a few tips:

1. Outline. Some writers are what we like to call pantsers (people who just sit down in the chair and begin writing whatever comes to them), then there are those like me. We outline our stories. I spent about three weeks outlining Heavenly Lights. Though I find myself straying from it many times, I can at least look at it and know that I have an entire story planned out. The biggest relief…

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