Planning A Series VII

April’s Camp NaNoWriMo starts in just over twelve hours today.

(Time between writing this blog and when it’s scheduled to be posted: twenty four hours. On other posts the gap can be as little as five minutes or as much as a month or more. In short, if a post says I did something this week, it could’ve been two or three weeks ago by the time you’re reading it.)

I’m taking a break from the never-ending planning to write another book, so this’ll probably be the last Planning A Series post for a month or so. A small update before I go:

Current word count of the Bullet-Point Plan: 5,191.

Estimated total finished word count of the BPP: over 20,000.

I was planning to write Book Three: Lunacy for Camp. I’ve changed my mind, and instead I’m writing a standalone book set in the universe I created for Book Twelve. It’s very much a classic sci-fi world. There are spaceships. There is romance. There is scandal. There is casual interplanetary travel on spaceships. There is intrigue. There is political jockeying. There are spaceships. Did I mention the spaceships?

I’m quite excited about the spaceships.


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