On Lighthearted Stories

“…there is not much I can change about the world around me, but writers don’t always live in the real world.” Wise words on having a change of pace from my friend Evan.

Evan W.S. Morgan

I have hit a bit of a dry spell in Heavenly Lights. It’s not that I don’t want to work on it anymore– I will definitely finish it within the next year or so, I can guarantee you that–, it’s that I need to experience something a little more simple, a little more lighthearted than it. I have lately been going through a period of boredom not only with writing, but with life itself. I originally blamed it on my circumstances, but I realize now that the only one who can make my life bored is myself. I have been going about my day the same way I went about the day before. As a writer, that is not exactly the best of things. So, I decided that I needed to mix things up a bit. Being at an internship until the end of the year, there is not…

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