How to Nurture Diversity in One Easy Step.

Some good thoughts on diversity from Laura Lee Anderson.

Laura Lee Anderson

Exclusion is never the path to diversity.

Never ever.

Even if it’s excluding the majority.

Let me explain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up. 😉

Some of you know that, in the summers, my husband and I do professional-level Shakespeare with urban teens. Check it out:

Last year's production of Much Ado 2013’s production of Much Ado

Notice something about this picture? It’s diverse. Now, it’s obviously diverse in a couple of ways: ethnically and age-wise (youngest 13, oldest 24, mode age 16). But it’s diverse in SO MANY other ways because each student is a person. Each has gifts and hang-ups and each is quirky or insightful or sweet or sassy or bouncy or weird. Some have been to rehab and some have been in honors programs (or done both). Some have straight A’s and some have processing disorders (or have both!). It is this diversity that makes our program awesome. We rely on these beautiful, flawed…

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30 Things I Discovered In 30 Days of Writing

1st – 30th April 2015                                 Camp NaNoWriMo

30 things I discovered in 30 days of writing

  1. My main character has purple hair.
  2. Her father gave her a silver necklace with a model Lampyridae spaceship on it for her fourteenth birthday.
  3. A lot of information about astronomical units and parsecs and light-years.
  4. There is a lot of delicious food on her home planet. Especially desserts.
  5. Today is the first time her best friend has ever been late to a lunch date.
  6. Tuesday can’t cry and look pretty at the same time.
  7. She is useless at packing efficiently.
  8. Spaceport officials have a sense of humour.
  9. Four out of five passengers will sleep on a four-hour flight, especially if they’re regular passengers, and even if that flight is between planets.
  10. Short stories make for a great break from writing novels.
  11. It’s really hard to write a book on a smartphone keypad while you’re in a car doing 100 km/h and your parents are blasting Celine Dion through the stereo.
  12. Oddball minor characters make for the best minor characters.
  13. My editor has a moon named after her.
  14. Scots insults are the best insults.
  15. Dee and Rhiannon clash because they’re so similar.
    Not that either of them can see it.
  16. I thought Rory was a Lieutenant, but he’s actually a Lance Corporal.
  17. ‘Fist, Meet Face’ is an acceptable introduction, right?
  18. The Stewarts have a nice family crest.
  19. Fergus can be really stupidly stubborn sometimes.
  20. I named a minor character Callum.
    And now I’m really curious about who he is and what happened to him.
  21. Angus’ squad is called the Dawnseekers.
  22. Hamish named their ship Winston.
  23. I didn’t know there were footprints there until Kenzie found them.
  24. Military squads operating out of spaceships in the year A.D. 4150-ish still carry a couple of good solid shovels.
  25. Tuesday shares my loathing of broad beans.
  26. My antagonist really didn’t mean to kill anyone.
  27. Said antagonist is doing a good job of killing people anyway.
    Body count so far: 4.
  28. There are some situations where Kenzie finds she can’t lead.
    But she can still delegate.
  29. He kissed her. Just like that.
    Careful, cautious, overthinking Angus just swooped in and kissed her.
    I didn’t give him permission to do that.
  30. How does my antagonist get the heroes to go where he wants them to go? He asks them.