First Drafts

It’s bittersweet, finishing a first draft.
Bitter because I have to say goodbye to these characters that I’ve created and molded, these friends that I’ve journeyed with. It’s been four months since I first started writing their story. I spent almost every day with them between November 1 and February 22. I’ve written two books back-to-back about them; more than 150,000 words. The second book is set six years after the first, and it was fascinating to see how they grew and changed in that six years, even though it was only three or four days’ break for me.
Sweet because I know it’s been a job well done. Finishing a book is an achievement. It’s worth celebrating. I’ve learnt a lot in the process: about myself, about my writing process.
And the journey isn’t over yet. Now come the hard yards: Taking a break. Getting some perspective. Rewrites. Editing. Polishing. This story is a gem, but first drafts are always a little rough.
Time to make it shine.

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