Writers, Celebrate.

Writers, celebrate your successes.

Celebrate finding that word.

The perfect sentence.

An evocative paragraph.

A finished chapter.

The end of the book.

Celebrate the first draft — and the fifteenth.

The first submission. The anticipation. The first rejection.

Starting the next book.

Finishing the next book.

The fiftieth submission. The anticipation. The fiftieth rejection.

Celebrate the acceptance.

The edits.

The proof copy.

The final copy.

The launch.

Celebrate being published.

Celebrate starting again.

Writers, celebrate your successes.

Celebrate the process.


It’s Here!

Version 2

Very happy to find my author copy of this gem in the mail when I came back from holiday. At The Edge is an anthology of speculative fiction short stories from NZ and Australian authors. You can find it under the ‘Books’ tab in the menu at the top of the blog page.