An Interview with E.G. Wilson

Where did I find inspiration for the Voiceless Duology? What was my road to publishing like? What does a normal day look like for me? & more at Evan W.S. Morgan’s blog.

Evan W.S. Morgan

I had the chance to talk to E.G. Wilson, author of the New Zealand-based science fiction Voiceless Duology, about her debut novel(s), writing, and more!

  1. Where did the idea for the Voiceless Duology come from?

I was working as a Planner at the local council when I got the germ of an idea for what would become Voiceless. The whole concept sprang from a single sentence — a sentence that someone said in real life and a sentence I built the whole first book around. In context it’s not all that significant. But it’s actually there in the book if you know where to look.

Voiceless started as… let me find my early notes… The Little Mermaid meets Inception meets Inkheart. Obviously I developed it heavily from there, but the core of the three remained: a quest to regain a lost voice, a journey involving weird time flow and trippy…

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