First Draft to Book Launch: A Timeline of the Voiceless Duology Publishing Journey

Heads-up: this is a long one.

I thought I’d detail the whats and whens of my debut novel/s getting published for your education/entertainment. The list below is not exhaustive; I’ve left out a lot of the more minor details. And there’s a summary at the end if you find the dates starting to blur together.

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Voiceless Launch and Where To Buy

The launch party was fantastic! We had 80-odd people, 2 reporters, and sold out of books in the last two minutes! Thanks to everyone who came out on a cold and wet winter’s night or supported from a distance, I couldn’t do it without you.


Fishpond NZ (
MightyApe NZ (
Amazon USA (, remember Kiwis can use NZPost’s YouShopUSA for cheaper shipping!)
Amazon AUS (
Amazon UK (
Barnes&Noble (
Kobo (

September 26, 2016

Two things happened today.


I finished my personal challenge of writing 20,000 (good quality) words in four days. It hasn’t quite made up for the fact that my WIP was stalled for weeks before that. But it’s satisfying. I feel accomplished. Like I’ve proven something to myself. Not sure what, mind you, but… something. It was a good use of a public holiday, I think.


Today marks six months exactly since I submitted Voiceless to Atthis Arts. Six months. It’s amazing how much has happened since then.

We’ve done the initial submission thing, the partial sample thing, the full manuscript thing, the “would you like to move forward with this?” thing. We’ve done the Skype call, the contract negotiations and contract signings. We’ve done some pretty major interim edits. We spent a month hashing out the details of the crowdfunding campaign, and then another month running it. We hit our minimum funding goal – and exceeded it.

It’s a bit overwhelming sometimes, thinking about where I was this time last year and how much of a difference twelve months has made. Heck, it hasn’t even been a year since I started writing Voiceless – the first draft. Since November 1st 2015, I’ve written more than 300,000 words in first drafts. I’ve had three different jobs; I’ve still got two of them. I’ve moved out of home and into a flat that actually works.

And I seem to have picked up a Muse, for whatever that’s worth. She’s a cat. Well okay, strictly speaking she’s my flatmate’s cat. She seems to like me. I’m not saying she’s instant inspiration. She’s not. Instant inspiration doesn’t write books; hard work does.

But she’s good company.


The Kickstarter is closed, and we are officially funded for the first book in the Voiceless Duology! Thank you to all 110 backers, and to everyone else who supported in various ways!

Final backer numbers:
United States 56
New Zealand 31
Germany 5
Australia 4
United Kingdom 4
Sweden 2
Belgium 1
Brazil 1
Canada 1
Malaysia 1

At the Edge: TOC and Cover Reveal

Very pleased to announce that one of my short stories is GETTING PUBLISHED in an anthology from Paper Road Press.

Paper Road Press

Paper Road Press is pleased to reveal the cover and table of contents for our upcoming anthology At the Edge!

Edited by award-winning duo Dan Rabarts and Lee Murray, At the Edge is shaping up to be a stunning collection of short science fiction and fantasy from both sides of the ditch, Aotearoa New Zealand and Australia. Dan and Lee are thrilled to announce that among the line-up will be a reprint of Phillip Mann’s short story The Architect. Phillip was short-listed for the Arthur C Clark Award in 2014 for his novel The Disestablishment of Paradise.

Without further ado, the table of contents for At the Edge, in no particular order except alphabetically by author surname:

Joanne Anderton, “Street Furniture”
Richard Barnes, “The Great and True Journey”
Carlington Black, “The Urge”
A.C. Buchanan, “And Still the Forests Grow though We are Gone”
Octavia Cade, “Responsibility”
Shell Child…

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