Works In Progress

Page last updated: March 8th 2016.

Completed Projects

Bloodstains And Green Eyes (previously titled Addiction)

A short semi-fictional memoir complete at 47,000 words. Bloodstains spans two years of university life. It is written in second person and alternates between scenes of metaphorical significance and real life to explore the depths of addiction.

She is temptress and enabler, addiction and seduction, hollow words and twisted truth and pleasure that is never sated. She has no sovereignty: she does not rule, but wages everlasting war.

The Christchurch Chronicles #1: Whitu

The first in a planned series of science-fiction books, Whitu is complete at 68,000 words.

Nathan Walker is having a really bad day. First his wallet was stolen, then he sat down to a meal with the thief, then his cousin was murdered and he was forced to flee the scene of the crime. Now he’s on the run with a street girl and a policeman, tracing vital information halfway across the country to Nate’s brother Jamie, who is stationed at Pukaki Military Base. What does Jamie know that is so important? Time is short: the city authorities are on their tail, the military aren’t far behind, and they must be careful – also at Pukaki is Nga Waha, The Mouths, gateways to other universes…

The Christchurch Chronicles #2: Chorus 

The second in the series. Chorus picks up a month after Whitu, when Inspector Greg Larnach receives an enigmatic letter from an unknown organisation. Chorus is complete at 70,000 words.

I must begin by apologising for using what is, at least to my mind, a fairly outdated method of communication, but I would prefer not to begin my tenure as Head of Ex-Situ Ops with the destruction of delicate and expensive cross-portal communication devices. Arthur from the Eponine City Council in Hugo recommended you to me, saying that you were interested in learning more about contact between universes. I have an offer for you, Gregory, but it is not the sort of offer I can make in writing. I would like for us to meet in person…

The Antidisestablishment of Tuesday Macnamara

First draft complete at 94,000 words.

Fourteen-year-old Tuesday Macnamara is visiting her friend Beyta Yannick in the city of Vertiga, Flakkenen, when she walks headlong into a handsome diplomat from central moon Echo One. Shortly afterward, Beyta starts acting strangely and then disappears. What’s a girl to do? Tuesday resolves to find Beyta, even if that path takes her halfway across the known galaxy – and into the scrutiny of a strangely influential family.

Projects In Progress

The Christchurch Chronicles #3: Lunacy (working title)

Planning is in progress.

The Christchurch Chronicles #4 – ?

Planning is in progress.

Goose (working title)

Planning is in progress.

When a flash flood destroys the swingbridge that forms the only exit out of a lonely valley, a twentysomething punk and a fiftysomething hunter must join forces in an effort to get back to civilisation. But something is stirring in the bush, and getting out alive may not be as easy as they think…

The Developer (working title)

Planning is in progress.

A group of students living in a basement tenement cross paths with an unscrupulous land developer – and a church burns to the ground, killing the hundred-strong congregation inside.

Moribund (working title)

This one’s urban fantasy, not science fiction. Planning is in progress.

A veteran of both tribal war and the temping circuit, Kallagher knows exactly what to expect when working a five-day pop-up cosmetics expo. Set-up Day only confirms his expectations. The other temps run the gamut from manaia birdladies to a blind old troll; the human manager spends most of the shift flirting with his nymph assistants or blowing smoke out the back with the monopod techie; and Kal, an orc with a prosthetic leg and an empty socket where his right eye used to be, is scheduled to run Bag Check alongside a human girl with pixie hair and dwarf boots.

But then he finds the dead body of one of the temps crumpled among the boxes in the storeroom, and a trail of sizzling green blood leads him through the maze to the far corner, where a wounded and very angry leather-wing cat promptly adopts him.

He has two thoughts. One: who would want to kill a temp? And two: they’re in for one hell of an expo.

Rakiura Patrol (working title)

A short story featuring two soldiers on patrol on Rakiura/Stewart Island.

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